Cleaning for business

Greater efficiency in business

office cleaningA clean office which enhances creativity and production in your workplace is the aim of Cattleya’s cleaning. Our cleaning service will provide a spotless environment that will have every part of your office looking spick and span.  Workplace illness account can be costly for all businesses we provide a service that will sanitise every surface safely. We tailor to every need and guarantee we will match and better any rate that you currently have.

Builders clean

builders cleanBuilding a house can be a very stressful time, remove the stress and hire one our excellent team to provide a professional service you will be delighted with.  We clean up after the builders and tradespeople have left allowing you just the joy of seeing your sparkling new home.  The exterior and interior of your property will be left fresh and safe.  Our cleaners will wipe and remove all the dust from all areas inside and out and leave nothing but the smell of a freshly cleaned house.

Childcare/school cleaning

school child care cleaningWe know how precious children are, we come from teaching backgrounds and know the ins and outs of everyday running of centres and schools.  Our eco products will provide all services to be sanitised and cleaned ensuring a healthy environment for all children to work to their potential.  We will ensure your school premises will sparkle from top to bottom.  Our service includes classroom cleaning, emptying rubbish bins, cleaning toilets, storages, kitchen and many more.  We go beyond the norm to look after our future leaders.